About ShemaFit

ShemaFit (pronounced Sh’maFit) is a 501(c)(3) dedicated to the integration of faith and fitness.  It is a ministry committed to helping bring the physical body back under the purview of God … A movement of God to reclaim the body as God intended through education, equipping, teaching and training of the Biblical view of the human body.  Sh’maFit aims to empower everyone to love God with ALL of who we are — spirit, mind AND BODY.

Seeking to reintegrate th body back into our understanding of the Christian faith, Sh’maFit offers a variety of pathways for integrating fair with our health and fitness:

  • through the spiritual pathway, Sh’maFit offers devotionals on a variety of topics that present fresh, Biblical approaches to viewing te body, exercise, nutrition, health, etc.
  • through the mental pathway, Sh’maFit offers classes and workshops that present a Christian theological framework based on Scripture about how God made us and desires for us to live, with particular emphasis on our relationship with our bodies.
  • through the physical pathway, Sh’maFit offers group and 1:1 exercise-worship experiences — in a very practical way honoring God in and through our bodies, experiencing the integration of mind, body and spirit tougher in one pursuit of God.
  • AND NOW through the 4:13 Fitness Club in downtown Palatine, Illinois!  Come experience exercise as worship, and discover how to love God in BODY, mind & spirit!  Go to https://413fitnessclub.com for more!
  • another complete offering that combines all three pathways is a retreat experience.  Half-day, whole-day and 2-day retreats we available.  Email shemafit@gmail.com to learn more.

We also have a devotional book for sale on amazon.com — click this link


to order your own!


Click here for a downloadable Promo Packet for other ministry offerings or email shemafit@gmail.com for more information.

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