“Let anyone who is thirsty come to me and drink.” John 7:37b (NIV)

When we exercise, we sweat. Especially during cardio-intensive training, we sweat a lot. And then we need to hydrate. The more we sweat, the more we need to hydrate. Common sense, right?

But the same principle applies to the rest of our lives. The more we give out, the more we need to replenish. The more we give away, the more we need to make sure we refill ourselves. A friend of mine calls it soul care. We cannot run on empty. We need to come continually to the source of Living Water and rehydrate.

During this season of life, I often feel the need to rehydrate. As an introvert who is constantly with my young children & play dates & church & small groups, etc. etc, I feel tremendous need during this season to prioritize time to care for my soul and to come to Jesus and be filled with Living Water. For me, this season of life is like a super spin class during super humidity. I am sweating a lot! So, I’m trying to drink a lot of Water during this season.

I don’t know what season you are in or what your temperament is, but I know that you need to hydrate. You need to hydrate everyday. If you are not “sweating” a lot this season, them perhaps it’s your standard 64 ounces a day. But if you are sweating a lot, like I am, 64 ounces won’t do. Just as I’d remind you to make sure you are well hydrated after exercise, I wish to remind you to make sure your soul is well hydrated too!

Author: AHRoberts

My calling is to integrate the body back into how we worship and devote ourselves to God. God asks us to love Him with all that we are. And as integrated beings made in His likeness, that must include our bodies. Unfortunately, however, much of Christianity does not include the body in faith practices. I believe God cares about all of who we are, including how we care for and interact with these amazing bodies He gave us. A group-fitness instructor for over 27 years and a personal trainer, I also have a Masters from Trinity Evangelical Divinity school. My love for fitness and for Jesus have always been intertwined. My desire is to fuel a movement that brings the body back into loving God with ALL of who we are.

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